Love really doesn’t matter

Ken and Barbie eat away at your very being as you picture a picture perfect scenery, with your face pasted over a Barbie dolls body. You are told to imagine it. You are expected to dream about it. You think that one day you will acquire a fluffly, forever love.

       But no love lasts forever. I’m not speaking metaphorically. Psychologically love is not an unending presence. Love is rather moments in time. You do not feel love for your spouse while your eating a ham sandwich because your focused on the ham.

   Yet, I encourage you not to fret because there is an actual important matter in relationships. Love may mean nothing, but loyalty can be everything. Loyalty through the loveless moments can make or break your Ken and Barbie status.


You Lack Understanding

When you have been hurt deeply and someone refuses to apologize to you, you lack understanding of yourself. Apologies are like a beautiful vase with no flowers inside. It may make you feel mesmerized by its beautiful sentiment but in all actuality are void, empty and thoughtless. Would you rather receive an empty vase or nothing at all? I could just imagine the look on a woman’s face when a delivery man comes to the door with an empty vessel. Perhaps, even going through the trouble of saying anything is the biggest insult of all.


Sometimes an apple is really an elephant.

I walked into my eighth grade classroom. Everyone was chattering about while I could not even fathom opening my mouth. For months I had been told to fear what is about to happen. “If Obama becomes President we are doomed.” Well, it was the day after election day and all the talk had effectively scared the shit out of me. I sat in my desk in silence as the teacher walked in. The entire class instantaneously grew quiet as the last little chatters echoed from the walls. The teacher then picked up a piece of chalk and wrote on the board, “America is doomed.” I felt my eyes tear up. I was young and from a poor community. All I wanted was to grow up and be something. Yet, I was frightened into believing that that couldn’t happen now. 

          Years went by. The recession hit us hard, there’s unrest in the middle east and Anerica is scrimping by. Yet, noone seems hungry. Noone is burning piles of money in the streets. But I was told to fear so I continued on with a knot in my stomach and a tremor in my hand as my mind raced thinking, ‘Are we going to be ok?’.

   Frankly, it wasn’t until Obama’s second term that I really started listening to him. His voice seemed kind and gentle, his thoughts seemed creative and helpful, and there was memes of him holding babies and speaking to children.  And, somehow, America was alive. Bruised a little but definitely not short of breath. But “they” all said he was “bad”. But “they” all said he wasn’t born here. But “they” all said he became president to destroy our country. But “they” all said hes come to take our second ammendment rights. 

 I was young, uneducated and naive to a world around me. Therefore, anyone who wanted to could tell me an apple was an elephant and of course, I was going to believe it. But the day I realized Obama was actually an American man who was doing his best to use the resources he had to get us by, I finally felt a sigh of relief. At the very least, he was definitely not the monster I was told about.

As the years came and past I was certain he wasn’t a monster, but I also seemed sure he was a good person. He tried. His wife tried to turn the food industry on its back by getting healthy snack options into schools while her husband worked relentlessly on something he believed in, healthcare for all. Though my stance did not agree with the President’s as far as healthcare is concerned, I knew that monsters did not supply healthy food to children or try to give the elderly and sick a better life. The Obamas were not monsters.

          But now, the Obama’s will be leaving the Whitehouse and Donald Trump’s family will come to stay for the next four years. The chatters have begun again and somewhere there is a scared child who has only been told to fear. Just remember, sometimes our perspectives can be deeply skewed.


The Families I See

The trees must be so in love. They stick together and reproduce. They grow healthy, strong and tall. If the trees were not in love wouldn’t their families be some much smaller and apart? Would they die frail and broken? Well then, the birds they must also love eachother, and it must be an unconditional love! They soar the skies together and every year they move across the country together to stay healthy and warm. I say, the birds must be deeply in love to strive for their young to fly just so they can stay together and noone is left behind. But then I looked and this time I saw something much higher than the trees and much, much higher than the birds in the sky. I saw the stars. The stars…they cannot love. They do not love! They abide so far from eachother that there is no togetherness in their families. They do not help each other or motivate one another. In fact, perhaps, they have some dysfunctional competition of who is prettiest or shines the brightest. But–then in my mind a small gear turned backward–why on earth would they live so long for nothing to live for? Would we not see a supernova daily if the stars were filled with so much hatred for one another? And in that instant, I knew that stars held more love than any other system imaginable. They dwell so far from one another yet yearn to be close to one another. So they exhaust all their resources to shine and communicate with their brothers and sisters. And yet, that love cannot be absorbed by earth because the love from their light only shines on a sleeping, unawakened people.


My first blog and its purpose.


       My name is Liz, and this is my first blog. I have tried writing on the internet before but have always left my works undeveloped and unattended which, of course, led them to drown in the Dead sea of empty blogs. However, I came to the realization that if I write for my own joy and cause, my heavy heart continues to thump on. When I feel the unlifted burden of life heavily pushing down on my chest, I know that the greatest form of relief is to share with my fellow humans. With that being said, I don’t share much about my private life. No, I usually want to talk about some big thing that is to broad to ever result in anything more than a 21 mile dug hole into the surface of the earth and even then we have yet to reach half of the topic we began with. And sometimes, if I’m not talking about some unattainable topic, I am writing in riddles. And I dare say, I catch myself speaking in them too. For example, instead of saying,” I would like a doughnut”, I will say, ” how about we drive by the old krispie kreme when we go shopping later today?” And in my interestingly wired mind I think I have asked for a doughnut.This blog will hopefully be splattered with many of my little creative writing pieces but also share something deeper into the surface of life. So enjoy, read on and may my God bless you.